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oska summer tweed

The OSKA Summer Tweed
Linen-Cotton Twill in Tweed Look

Traditionally, tweed is a strong fabric of handspun, mostly coarse woolen yarns.Our linen twill extends these characteristics of the Tweeds to an effect-rich play of colors. It is mainly used for suits and coats.

Our longtime partner in Italy, a weaver who works very creatively with his large and special yarn assortment, twists differently colored, partially printed threads into a so-called Mouliné yarn. He subsequently weaves the exclusively produced yarn into a special twill with a characteristic diagonal structure. So the surface of our fabric is very lively.

The so-called OSKA Summer Tweed consists of linen, cotton and 3% spandex. In this mix, the OSKA® jackets Moriko and Naoto combine English elegance with Italian lightness.

And what is Twill?

A twill is a fabric woven in a so-called twill weave. One recognizes such a weave on its oblique ridge - for example, every denim is a twill.

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